Setting Goals – Why?

About Goal setting

Most courses on success teaches us to set goals. We all heard it before. Set goals to be successful. Set SMART goals. That is goals that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound.

But I would like to disagree with this common advice.
What about setting goals that are not specific, but more general, more a direction than a end achievement. Goals that is not easy to measure but more a general feeling or idea that one work towards. Goals that you do not know are really achievable. The write brothers did not know whether powered manned flight can be achieved or not, but they still tried and eventually succeeded. Edison did not know whether the light bulb will work or not, but he kept on trying..

I decided not to set goals anymore as recommended as most success books recomend. But rather to have a list of interest. Things I want to develop. Things I want to get better at. Thing I want to spend time on. Journeys I want to take, What is important to me. What journeys am I on.

Not all goals can be specific – some goals are more directions and values that specific goals. It is almost as if there should be another word for it. Underneath each goal a person can have sub-goals / projects some of them can adhere to the SMART goal rules, and some not….

What I want, what I want to create, the direction I want to go in, Where I want to be, what I want to develop, what I want to spend my time on….

Also, not to let the goal itself, be the motivating driving force. But let the why of the goal be the driving force.

Also, do not be “goal orientated” be “life orientated”

Always remember life is a journey not a destination.

So goals can set the end destination, but that should not be reason for taking the journey. The reason for taking the journey, should be the experience and growth one gains along the journey.

So the motivation for the goal is the journey and not the destination.

The motivation for the goal is the journey and not the goal itself.

The reason for taking the journey, should be for taking the journey.

Otherwise one’s life is all about chasing the next goal. One does not enjoy the journey. One always want to reach the destination. One never just takes your time just to appreciate and be thankful for where you are, and all the blessing one already have. Also life is never enough, life should always be better, or more or different.

Sometimes one has to stop the striving, the trying, the dissatisfaction.

Just stop for a while and say “Thank you”. Thank you for being a live. Thank you for all the blessing in my life. Thank you for all that is good in my life.

Just realize “I am happy where I am”

So not setting goals can be bad for you in that one stagnates, just go from one day to the next, no challenge for growth.

Setting goals is good in a way that it drives you, and gives you direction. One just needs to be very careful in the spirit that you set and pursue goals…

Also, goals must also be fluid and adjust to life. Life changes all the time. And one has to adjust to life.

So goals needs to be reviewed updated and changed all the time…

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